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APA style abstract
Hypothesis - Sets the stage for the research study
Review of Literature - Examines results of previous studies of relevance
Methods / Methodology - Describes original experiment conducted by author to test their hypothesis
Analysis / Discussion - looks at the results of the student and their relevance
Conclusion / Recommendations - Makes final determination re: validity of the hypothesis / makes suggestions for further research
Bibliography / References - lists sources cited alphabetically in the APA style

 Correct use of the APA style for the in-text citing of sources is often crucial to a graduate student's ultimate success. Even the most subtle changes in the American Psychological Association's manual can make grave differences from year to year and from edition to edition. In the bibliography to your left, for example, the first line of each entry is indented. But in recent years the rule has changed and now only the subsequent lines should be indented. These slight formatting differences are the kind that can leave a graduate or post-graduate student with hours of additional work! Order an exemplary paper from this site and get help today!


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