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   Although this website features more than 25,000 quality research reports spanning a seemingly endless array of topics, a few graduate and post-graduate students always seem to be stuck looking for information on some new, innovative topic that has very little yet published about it...

  It is for those topics that seem "impossible" to find information on ..and it is for those students who need a more complete example to go by... that the "custom help" section of our website came into existence. If you can't find what you're looking for by querying our database of existing research papers... If you need a solid example of a hypothesis, a lit. review,  a proposed methodology, or even a mock thesis to help you write your own... THIS is the section for you!  

  Our custom research department carries only a 3 page minimum and accepts orders up to 500 pages!!! Even the most advanced work is offered for only $19.95/page with a free bibliography and the guarantee that we charge only for the number of pages you request at the time of your order...even if our researchers go on to write a bit more! Better still, all completion dates are also guaranteed or our research paper is FREE!!! The only question that remains is simply 'what are YOU waiting for?' *Click here* to order!


Dissertations and theses / abstracts
The first chapter of a dissertation or thesis generally contains the writer's hypothesis
The dissertation's second chapter is the review of literature
Next is chapter 3-  the methods / design .. or "methodology" section
Then there's the analysis section (chapter 4) -- often coupled w/ the discussion
And, of course, chapter # 5 -- no writing would be complete without a conclusion
A bibliography of all sources must be included -- usually in the APA style

 Our researchers are skilled in the art of finding information on ANYTHING! Their talents are accented by fast access to the Internet, to subscription-only databases, and to multiple university libraries. The work they do is so specialized that our tutorial research reports are guaranteed to match your request or we'll revise it at no additional charge!!!! Just click the 'order' button below and tell us what to research!

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