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   Pursuing a PhD or creating a solid masters thesis can be difficult processes. For those without access to a variety of resources and resource ideas, the research process alone can take weeks or even months. At the same time, the formatting of sources and the documenting of summarized information is difficult to do correctly. Confusion over the use of parenthetical citations, endnotes, footnotes, APA or MLA styles and standard APA dissertation formats can create difficulties even for the most knowledgeable students. Creating a bibliography that shows the appropriate format and that corresponds with in-text citations is a common issue raised in the process of writing a theses dissertations.

   Educators have recognized that the writing process can benefit substantially from the use of examples to assist the learner in creating their own work, especially when a research study must meet a particular format criteria. Learning by example is an emerging technique that focuses on the benefits for undergraduate and graduate students from viewing existing theses or dissertations as models for their own work. The use of model dissertations is a common practice promoted by many educators and helps to demonstrate what is expected and acceptable in the writing of an individual's own thesis or dissertation.

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 There must always exist some clear rationale for a student's hypothesis. Such rationale is typically presented in the form of a "problem statement" which explains what issue or controversy needs to be resolved within their field of study.. Problem statements are included as a 'sub-section' of Chapter 1 because they announce the puzzle to be solved so that the writer's statement of hypothesis can go onto make a prediction about that puzzle's probable resolution...

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