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  Current literature also supports the notion that personal factors have an influence on the development of individual perceptions about "teaching-by-example" in the educational model (Crooks, 1977). In fact, Rutherford and Grana (1995) called for a change in the way faculty view specific technology-based educational tools, calling for changes in both the attitudes and practices related to technology, including the use of exemplary documents in the development of college theses and dissertations. Smith (1990) also stated that collaborative and interactive writing, especially writing techniques that are motivated by learner activity, are beneficial to the writing process. The development of effective communication skills and the practices related to both writing and the use of technology are elements that have shifted approaches to dissertation writing (Rutherford and Grana, 1995). The Paper Store has recognized the shift towards technology-based learning tools and has supported this shift through the availability of on-line support resources including such websites as

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Conducting a study to test your hypothesis
Review the literature
Methods / Experiment
Discussion Section of a Thesis or Dissertation
Conclusions -- Validate or Refute the initial hypothesis
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 It is often important that the Literature Review section of a dissertation or thesis be written using objective language. It is rarely the student's job to perform any critical analysis in this chapter and is more commonly their task to simply "report" on the results of similar studies done previously. Subjective analysis is usually not warranted until the study's later chapters...  


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