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Methodology / Methods Section

  The methodology for this study is based on a longitudinal approach to assessing the increasing use of Web-based paper examples from companies like The Paper Store. This design focuses on the responses of a large subject population and determines the perspectives of the subjects on the use of The Paper Store's services for thesis and dissertation assistance.

Rationale for the Study

  The rationale for this study is based on creating a factual representation of a subject population and their use of research, thesis and dissertation example services to assist them in the creation of their own research studies. This longitudinal, quantitative analysis should accomplish three goals: First, it should report the findings of a study of a subject population as well as provide an overview of the current literature and current findings on this subject. Second, it should interpret these facts based on a comparative reading of the sources relative to the experimental outcome. Third, the descriptive research study must analyze the "trends in attitudes, events, and facts in terms of their commonality and potential for prediction" (Smith, 1997, p. 34), supporting the continued use of these types of services in the future.

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Thesis Abstract
Dissertation Hypothesis
Research  / Review the Literature
Methods / Methodology
Research / Discussion
Research Conclusions
Bibliography / References - RESEARCH

 The layout of a dissertation's methodology section varies greatly depending upon the type of experiment being conducted. Most quantitative research inherently requires that this chapter include a detailed explanation of the procedures, instruments, tools, timelines, & subject population used. It should be the mission of the student to be extremely thorough in this section-- describing what should be as "air tight" of an experiment as possible..

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